I blush, a bit

A nice review for Easy Rhymes A.K.A. … “I’ve lost count of the times I’ve got blissfully lost in Michael Conroy’s work. Walked, mouth agape through his often dangerous but always beautifully observed, razor sharp poetry. I get enticed into every landscape and scene, his wit cajoling me, dragging me in. Where will he take me this time? Who will I meet? I was in the corner when, “The knackered lift was a nuptial suite, and she conceived at a 100 ft.” Luckily they didn’t see me, moved to tears by the creative genius that put us all there. The book and the band stuff are works of genius in my mind. Proper epic stuff.

If you only buy one book this year – make it this one.”

Craig Cash, award-winning writer, actor & director, The Royle Family, Mrs Merton, Early Doors

Errr…cheers, much obliged

Easy Rhymes a.k.a. – coming soon

am at the existentially provocative stage of looking at reviews and mentions i have had in various formats over the years in various mags, fanzines and websites, mulling over the pro’s and con’s of wheeling ‘em out to use as a means of lending some kind of ersatz validity/interest/hook to the soon-to-materialise ‘Easy Rhymes a.k.a …’ collection. it strikes me that many of the write-ups are grammatically and stylistically odd, and also that many of the titles no longer exist. some of the journalists are probably now dead. others will probably have forgotten ever saying/thinking what my bit of paper with their name on says they said. fuck. also, the reviews are not of the book, they are of other stuff i have done – gigs, albums and all that jazz. ¬†two schools of thought emerging. 1: chuck the kitchen sink at it and use ‘em all, who cares, really? 2: don’t use any. they’re old hat, you tosser. go for the null aesthetic and challenge readers. the artistic purity gambit. i’d like to do both…

off to bed, resolution deferred.